Ectoin® - mode of action

Ectoin® is a small molecule – from chemical point of view an amino acid derivate – and has cosmotropic properties. Cosmotropes contribute to the stability and structure of water-water interactions.

They cause water molecules to favorably interact, which also stabilizes intermolecular interactions in biomolecules such as proteins.  Transferred to a biological system, this means that Ectoin® surrounds itself but also neighboring proteins or cell membranes with a water layer. This structure is named “Ectoin® Hydro Complex”.

In several scientific studies it was shown that these water layers are very stable due to strengthened hydrogen bonds. Moreover, the water molecules in these layers move slower than usual. 

Ectoin® itself neither interacts with proteins nor does it enter into cells. Due to the formation of these structuring water layers, Ectoin®is able to stabilize cell membranes and lipids and to support their fluidity.  Due to this property, Ectoin® is able to protect human epithelia from allergens or other harmful substances.

Biomolecules such as proteins are strengthened in their native structure so that their activity is ensured.

Scientific informations about Ectoin®

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