The natural mode of action of Ectoin® can be used successfully in case of diseases that are associated with a disturbed mucous membrane, tear film or skin barrier. For the symptomatic treatment of allergies, cough & cold, airway diseases, dry eyes/dry nose or inflammatory skin diseases you can find products in your pharmacy or drug store.


Eye Drops

Gentle treatment of allergic conjunctivitis is possible with these innovative eye drops containing 2% or 1% Ectoin®. Even prevention of conjunctivitis can be achieved by the most important ingredient Ectoin®, a natural extremolyte. Ectoin® Eye Drops alleviates allergic symptoms such as red, itchy and watery eyesand protects the eye against different kind of allergens, such as pollen and airborne particles. Eye Drops are free of preservatives and suitable for wearers of contact lenses, children and sensitive eyes.

The following products are available on the market:


Das Gesunde Plus -Antiallergische Augentropfen (1% Ectoin®), dm drogerie markt – Dr. Kleine Pharma

SOS – Allergie-Augentropfen (1% Ectoin®), Dr. Kleine Pharma

EyeMedica® – Allergische Augen, Dr. Kleine Pharma

Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia:

Vividrin® ectoin®, Bausch & Lomb

Switzerland, Liechtenstein:

Triofan® antiallergische Augentropfen, Vifor

Sanactiv Antiallergische Augentropfen (1% Ectoin®), Migros


Ectoal Ectoina 2% Soluzione oftalmica, Alfa Intes


Vizol S, JGL


ectoAlerg Krople do oczu, LANGSTEINER Lek-Pharmaceutical

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan:

Ectollerg Eye Drops (1% Ectoin®), ITROM


крапліочніпротиалергiчні Eye-t® Ectoin Pro, Farmaplant


Clearinol, Trima

Nasal Spray

The nasal spray is available with 1% or 2% Ectoin®. It alleviates typical symptoms (such as runny and itchy nose, nasal congestion, and sneezing) of allergic rhinitis on a natural way. In contrast to usual nasal sprays, this Ectoin®-containing nasal spray has an innovative physical mode of action. It stabilizes the nasal mucosa and protects it against different kind of allergens in this way.

Clinical trials have revealed an extraordinary security profile. Even multiple applications a day can be done without running the danger of damaging the nasal mucosa. Preventative application and application in children and sensitive individuals are safe.

The following products are available on the market:


Das Gesunde Plus - Antiallergisches Nasenspray  (1% Ectoin®), dm drogerie markt -  Dr. Kleine Pharma

SOS – Allergie Nasenspray (1% Ectoin®), Dr. Kleine Pharma

Livocab® Ectomed

Switzerland, Liechtenstein:

Triofan® Heuschnupfen antiallergischer Nasenspray, Vifor

Sanactiv Antiallergischer Nasenspray (1% Ectoin®), Migros

Countries in Middle and Eastern Europa as well as countries of the Commonwealth of Independent Countries (CIS):

Aqua Maris Ektoin SPREJ ZA NOS, JGL



Rezitop spray nasal, edol

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan:

Allerec, Capricorn


Nosorec, Capricorn


ectoAlerg spray do nosa, LANGSTEINER Lek-Pharmaceutical

Israel, Palestine:

Clearinol Nasal Spray, Trima


REACTINE® NaturEase, Johnson & Johnson

United Kingdom:

Bendryl® Allergy NaturEase, Johnson & Johnson

South Africa:

AllerguardTM Allergy Nasal Spray, inova pharmaceuticals


Life® Ectoin Allergy Nasal Spray, LIFE N.L.B.

Cough & Cold

Nasal Spray

The nasal spray with 2% Ectoin® is intended for the treatment and prevention of non-allergic rhinitis or rhinosinusitis associated with common cold. By means of  Ectoin® it reduces the inflammation of the nasal mucosa and the sinuses and reduces the symptoms of common cold.

The nasal spray is hypertonic, that means it has a higher salt concentration than the human body. Therefore  this nasal spray decongests the nose und sinuses on a natural physical way. Thus it helps to reduce the application of common decongestant nasal sprays, which normally have several side-effects and lead to habituation.


Olynth Ectomed, Johnson & Johnson (by autumn 2014)


Actifed AIR SPRAY, Johnson & Johnson (by autumn 2014)

Switzerland, Liechtenstein:

Triofan® Naturel, Vifor

Italy, Andorra:

Nutrabalm® Rinitis Spray, ISDIN


Reventil, Phytotec

Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia

Oly-Nal, Johnson & Johnson (by autumn 2014)


Ectoin® Neus en Bijholte Spray, Beauty & Vitality Care B.V.


EctoneX®, innomed


Ectoin® Lozenges form a protective and moisturizing shield on irritated mucous membranes in mouth and throat and soothe sore throat, hoarseness and pain on swallowing. Inflammations and irritations of the mucosa due to cough and cold, air conditioning or voice overuse are effectively reduced by the natural ingredient Ectoin®. Ectoin® Lozenges also have a preventive action: Since Ectoin® stabilizes the mucosal barrier in mouth and throat the lozenges are able to reduce the danger of a bacterial or viral infection in mouth and throat.


Humer Pharyngite – Urgo



Mouth & Throat Spray

The Ectoin® Mouth and Throat Spray alleviates typical cough & cold symptoms like sore throat, hoarseness and pain on swallowing on a natural way. The ingredient Ectoin® reduces inflammations of the epithelia in mouth and throat and stabilizes the mucosal barrier. Therefore, it helps to reduce the duration of a cough and cold and to prevent further infections. Also allergen-induced palate itching is effectively reduced with the Ectoin® Mouth and Throat Spray.

The efficacy of the Ectoin® Mouth and Throat Spray in treating pharyngitis and laryngitis was proven in a clinical study.


EctoRel®, innomed



Ectoin®-containing creams are used for the symptomatic treatment of inflammatory skin diseases as e.g. eczema (atopic dermatitis), psoriasis, contact dermatitis or radio dermatitis. Ectoin® supports the regeneration process of the skin, protects against new damage, reduces erythema and smoothes the skin. Some products even reduce the itchiness that is associated with inflammatory skin diseases.

The following products are available on the market:


MedEctoin® Syxyl, Syxyl/Klosterfrau

Germany, Austria:

EUBOS® HAUT RUHE EctoAkut® – 3,5% Ectoin, Dr. Hobein (Nachf.) GmbH
EUBOS® HAUT RUHE EctoAkut® forte – 7% Ectoin, Dr. Hobein (Nachf.) GmbH

Switzerland, Liechtenstein:

Sanadermil® EctoinAcute (7% Ectoin), Vifor

Sanadermil® EctoinCare (3.5% Ectoin), Vifor


ATL® Ectoina 7%, edol

ATL® Ectoina 3.5 %, edol

Greece, Republic of Cyprus:

Ectoin® Dermatitis Cream 7%, Neocell

Ectoin® Dermatitis Cream 3.5%, Neocell


ectoSkin P7Krem zawierajacy Ektoine, LANGSTEINER Lek-Pharmaceutical

Dermaveel (5.5% Ectoin), Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH 


DermEcto, Consentis


Ectoin® Dermatitis Cream 7%, Zeripharm

Hong Kong:

Wasser Dermatitis Cream 7%, Reich Pharm Limited

Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia:

Ecto Active 7%, GEA


EctoDerm and EctoDerm Baby, innomed


EctoPure®, Emphasys

Dry eyes and
dry nose

Eye Drops

The sicca syndrome requires an acute and protective treatment. The Ectoin®-containing sicca eye drops support the regeneration of dry and irritated conjunctiva and protect from further damage by stabilizing the lipid layer of the tear film. Ectoin® Sicca Eye Drops moisten dry and irritated eyes and reduce burning and itching of the eyes.

Ectoin® Sicca Eye Drops contain no preservatives and are therefore well suited for daily application.

The following products are available on the market:


CONISAN N®, vitOrgan

Germany and other countries:

Hylo® Protect (formulation with 2% Ectoin® und hyaluronic acid), Ursapharm


Collypan®, Vifor Pharma


Ectohyal®, GEA


краплі очні  Eye-t® Ectoin, Farmaplant

Airway Diseases

Inhalation Solution

This product utilizes the synergy of the natural stress protection molecule Ectoin® with the well-known effect of natural salt solutions to reduce inflammatory reactions of the airways.

The Ectoin® Inhalation Solution can be used with common nebulizing devices. The resulting aerosol is well tolerable and can be used for the daily basic therapy of airway diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or asthma.

The following product is available on the market:

Germany, Austria:

PARI ProtEct® Inhalationslösung, PARI


Ectodose, Solinea

Cosmetic application

Cosmetic products

Used in cosmetic products, Ectoin® cosmetic offers protection to skin cells and prevents early cell damage. It improves skin hydration, skin elasticity and the skin surface structure. Therefore, Ectoin® is used as anti-aging ingredient in already more than 200 cosmetic products worldwide. 

More on the mode of action of Ectoin®

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