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What is Ectoin® effective for?

Ectoin® shows its positive effects when it is applied on a disturbed mucous membrane or on the skin. Currently, nasal sprays, eye drops, mouth and throat sprays, inhalation solutions, and creams are available that can be used to treat symptoms of e.g. allergies, cough and cold, eczema, or dry skin. 

How does Ectoin® work?

Ectoin® has a physical mode of action: it surrounds the mucous membranes or the skin with a protective coating composed of water molecules (hydrofilm). Due to this protective coating, the treated areas are protected from irritations due to allergens or other particles and can sooth and calm. Thus, inflammations of the affected areas are reduced as harmful substances are inhibited to penetrate the membrane or skin.

Applied on the skin, the skin barrier is stabilized. It protects skin cells against damaging factors and improves the skin health. 

What proper dosage of Ectoin®-containing products should I take?

The dosage of the Ecoin®-containing products depends on the product itself. Please take further information regarding the dosage instruction from the instructions for use of your Ectoin®-containing product.

May I use my Ectoin®-containing products beyond the expiration date?

No, you have to dispose your Ectoin®-containing product when the shelf life is expired. The expiry date is given on the product itself and on the outer packaging.

Is it possible to use Ectoin®-containing products with other OTC medications, e.g. analgesics, antibiotics, cold remedies, herbals etc.?

Ectoin® has a particular physical mode of action and does not interfere with the processes of the human body. Therefore, it is possible in a lot of cases that Ectoin®-containing products can be used in combination with other OTC products. Please refer to the instructions of use of your Ectoin®-containing product, if a combination therapy with other OTC products is possible and what you have to take into account. In some cases a waiting period should be maintained between the application of different products. If you have further questions regarding the combination of Ectoin®-containing products and other OTC products, please ask your doctor or pharmacist. 

Will the Ectoin®-containing products interact with my prescription medication?

Until today there are no indications that there is a negative influence between prescription medications and Ectoin®. Therefore, in a lot of cases a combination therapy with Ectoin® and other prescription medications is possible. What you have to take into account in this case you will find in the instructions for use of your Ectoin®-containing product. If you have further questions regarding a combination therapy, please ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Will the effect of Ectoin®-containing products diminish with long-term use?

Until today there are no data available that the Ectoin® effect decreases if the Ectoin®-containing products are used for an extended period of time. Also ahabituation effecthas not been observed.

Is it possible to take Ectoin®-containing products if I am pregnant or nursing a baby?

Currently, there are no data available regarding the use of Ectoin®-containing products during pregnancy and while breast-feeding.

Consult your healthcare provider or pharmacist for advice, before using this Medical Device, if you are:

•  pregnant or breast-feeding

•  not sure whether you are pregnant or not

The use of Ectoin®-containing cosmetics is not restricted if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Are Ectoin®-containing products suitable for children and elderly people?

Ectoin® has a physical mode of action and does not interact with the processes of the human body in a pharmacological way. The ingredients of Ectoin®--containing products has been deliberately chosen. The products do not contain potentially harmful ingredients such as preservatives or dyes. Therefore they are very mild and can be used for the treatment of sensitive and very young patients. In some medical devices ingredients are used, that are not suited for the use in very young children (e.g. mint oil in the mouth and throat spray ). If your Ectoin®--containing product has a usage restriction for children, you can find further information in the instructions for use.  

Do Ectoin®-containing products make you tired?

No, Ectoin®-containing products do not make you tired. Therefore, you can use them whenever you want without experiencing a physical discomfort. 

Does Ectoin® cause addiction? Will it cause withdrawal symptoms?

No, Ectoin® is neither addictive nor does it cause withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, you can use it is long as you want without experiencing physical discomfort.  

Where can I purchase Ectoin®-containing products?

Ectoin®- containing medical devices can be purchased in pharmacies or drug stores.

Ectoin®-containing cosmetics can be purchased in drug stores or cosmetic retailers or at your cosmetician.

Do you have any other questions about Ectoin®?

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