Ectoin® - natural
protection designed by nature

Salt lakes and deserts are the most hostile environments on earth. It is even more astonishing that under these extreme climate conditions live is possible since millions of years. Highly adapted bacteria, so called extremophilic microorganisms defy dryness and extreme changes in temperature and grow well. Responsible for this property is a substance called Ectoin® that protects these small living beings from harmful environmental influences. 

Ectoin® was discovered in 1985 and since then it has been investigated in detail, because a substance that protects bacteria can also be of great benefit for humankind.

Today, the outstanding cell-protecting properties of Ectoin®find application in medical devices and in products for the life science industry. Already since 2001 Ectoin® is well-known as active cosmetic ingredient with exceptional features.

" The natural anti-stress molecule "

Outstanding properties of Ectoin®

A multi-talent for skin and mucous membranes. Ectoin® has many positive characteristics: Applied in humans, it protects the mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, lungs , mouth and throat. The skin is also sustainably protected from harmful effects of allergens, fine dust, temperature fluctuations or dehydration by Ectoin® increases the barrier effect of the skin. Similarly, photo-protective effects could be shown, so that Ectoin®protects the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. It affects not only preventive but also regenerative for the symptoms that can be caused by external influences. Infections are inhibited and reduced.

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3 worthwhile facts about Ectoin®


Did you know, that Ectoin® has inflammation-inhibiting properties?

In various studies it has been shown that inflammations of the skin, the epithelia of the respiratory tract (nose, mouth throat, and lung) and the ocular surface are reduced by Ectoin®. Due to this property, symptoms of atopic dermatitis (eczema), allergies, dry nose or dry eyes syndrome and also cough and cold are reduced sustainable. 


Did you know that Ectoin® protects against allergens and particulate matter? Ectoin® stabilizes epithelia. This fact is proven by results of various experiments. If epithelia are stabilized, allergens, particulate matter, and other small particles have more difficulties to penetrate the epithelia and to stress the body. For the individual’s health it means that the use of Ectoin®-containing medical devices protects from an intensification of the symptoms in nose, eyes, or lung. In cosmetics, Ectoin® helps to decrease skin-aging caused by particulate matter. 


Did you know that Ectoin® has a long-lasting effect? On the skin it was proven, that the moisturizing effect after 12 days of treatment persists for 7 more days if the treatment is stopped.

Ectoin® in pharmacy

  • You will learn from your pharmacist or druggist which products contain Ectoin®. 

  • Your pharmacist or druggist gives you advise regarding the application of Ectoin®-containing medical devices. 

  • Your questions regarding Ectoin® and Ectoin®-containing products are answered by your pharmacist or druggist.

Scientific informations about Ectoin®

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